SORRENTO THERAPEUTICS, INC., based in San Diego, California, is an oncology company developing new treatments for cancer and associated pain. Its current anti-cancer focus is on preparing the world’s first anti-CD38 CAR-T for a Phase 1 trial, starting mid-2018, against Multiple Myeloma. The technical basis for its immune-oncology products is the company’s fully human antibody library, G-MAB. The first G-MAB antibody to enter the clinic is a PD-L1 antibody licensed to Lee’s Pharmaceutical in China, recently approved by the Chinese FDA for a Phase 1 trial. Sorrento’s secondary focus is on non-opioid pain management with two clinical assets. The first such drug is an epidural medication, ZTlido, which has successfully completed its Phase 3 trials and is awaiting FDA approval. The second pain drug, RTX, for intractable cancer pain, is entering a Phase 1 trial in early 2018.